January 2018 Update

From the Director’s Desk:

To recount God’s faithfulness on the journey of Cornerstone is like a dream.  There are so many mile markers along the way that can only be explained as God moments.  From a prayer at the table in February 2016 to January 2018, God not only provided a beautiful home, fully furnished within months, licensing by Arkansas Community Corrections, an amazing staff, volunteers, financial & tangible supporters, and 32 ladies to date who have walked through our doors to a new home and future.

We are currently ministering to 13 ladies with 8 more scheduled to arrive in February and March.  Please continue to pray for us as we make adjustments with each expansion.  We desire to remain flexible to the Lord’s leading while trying to also make plans for growth.  

Put Your YES on the table, a phrase we often use in the house when discussing turning our desires over to God to let Him lead as He chooses.  There were several “yes” people involved in the purchase of our new-to-us car.  There have been countless times God has provided FOR us, but in this instance, we believed He wanted us to step out in faith trusting that He would provide through our actions of obedience.  A dependable, economical car had been on our prayer board for at least six months.  Then in November, our first “yes” and designated offering towards a vehicle purchase came from one of our faithful mentors, Linda Norris.  After much prayer and knowing the need was great, yet still not receiving a donated car, we contacted our second “yes” people, Bryson & Carrie Altom.  They began the diligent search for a vehicle that would meet our need.  Last week, Bryson delivered the vehicle to us for only $800.  At this point, we were eager to see how God would meet the need without taking from our operating budget.  The answer to our prayers came from our third “yes” under the leadership of Dr. Johnny Hutchison at Highland Drive Baptist Church (HDBC) in Jonesboro during an impromptu love offering where we received $876.  Between the initial donation and the offering we received from HDBC, we were not only able to purchase the car, but we also had the money to tag & license the vehicle, and pay for the additional insurance.  That, my friends, is a God-sized, prayer-answered, much-needed blessing!

In some ways it seems like a blur.  I vividly remember these three ladies walking through our doors in early 2017.  We’ve watched them grow in the Lord and become leaders over the past year.  From left to right, these ladies will soon be graduating and celebrating ONE year at Cornerstone!  Rhonda – January 31st, Kelly – February 3rd, & Michelle – February 22nd.  Rhonda & Kelly have expressed a desire to remain with Cornerstone and join the ministry team.  Michelle plans to get a place of her own in the Newport area where she can stay connected and accountable.  All three ladies will be moving upstairs to share an apartment above Cornerstone upon graduation.  We feel like proud spiritual parents!!

The Lord placed some key people in my life as Cornerstone was taking form.  I want to share two resources that have served as a catalyst in my faith walk.  The first recommendation was from dear missionary friends serving in New York, Bryan & Kristi Johnson:  Youtube video “Lonnie Riley Experiencing God” (55 minutes).  The second recommendation and gift to Dwight and me came from a pastor friend, Bro. Greg Dills, at First Baptist Church Newport:  Manley Beasley:  Man of Faith- Instrument of Revival.  If you are stepping out in faith, I HIGHLY recommend both to you, my friends.  In the words of of Manley Beasley, “What are you believing God for right now that if He didn’t come through you’d be sunk?”  The answer to that question for me (us) is Cornerstone Transition Home. – Bethany Davis, Director


Because of your faithfulness to give, we surpassed our year-end goal of raising an additional $5,000 to jump start the new year.  To watch God work through His people is nothing short of a miracle.  

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